Wrestlers with Herpes Gladiatorum Withdraw

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You know what herpes is, but do you know what “herpes gladiatorum” is?

Herpes gladiatorum is caused by the herpes HSV 1 virus. It is also known as “wrestler’s herpes” and for rugby players they call it “herpes rugbiorum.” Basically, it’s common in sports with lots of skin to skin contact.

Why not just call it what it is, “herpes?” 

Is herpes gladiatorum better than oral herpes… is it worse than genital herpes? Why? Why not?

 The wrestlers had to miss the conference… and are they now expected to miss all of them? I mean, there is not a cure for herpes is there?

I’m Confused

So do all wrestlers have to have blood tests to determine if they have herpes? We all know that herpes HSV1 is very, very common… so what will this mean for the team? For the sport?

When athletes get a blood test will it be able to determine if the athlete has “herpes gladiatorum” or just plain old HSV-1… a.k.a. oral herpes…wait… HSV-1 is not oral herpes it is “herpes gladiatorum.” Oh wait… they are both Herpes Simplex Type 1.

Wikipedia says that MOST of the individuals who are exposed to “wrestler’s herpes” get the herpes infection. However, only 10% get the sores. Basically, 90% of the people that have it don’t know they have it because they have not seen the sores, yet they can transmit it…

Like all herpes, it seems it is more likely to spread when there is an outbreak, but can spread when there is not an outbreak. As well, there may or may not be “prodromal symptoms.” You know, that tingling little feeling right before we “say hello to our little friends.” (Remember Al Pacino in Scarface?)


Four high school wrestling teams in Minnesota had to forfeit a meet which means they are out of the state tournament. Individuals may be able to complete if they get cleared by a doctor.

A quick look around the internet seems to show that there are a lot more high school teams in this same predicament.

One wrestler was quoted as saying that they get checked before every single practice. Hmm… sounds like they take responsibly and it is not swept under the carpet? They talk about it!

I’m left wondering what happens to the athletes who have actually had the outbreaks? Is their wrestling career over?

What’s shocking is that these are different athletes at FOUR different high schools all in ONE state and all at the SAME time. And this is just ONE NEWS STORY!

What about Pro wrestlers?

Obviously, herpes is an issue in pro wrestling. I look forward to the next news flash that reveals the truth about “herpes gladiatorum” a.k.a. herpes in professional wrestling.