Making Fun of People with Oral Herpes, Even When they are a MMA Fighter VIDEO

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You might think the last person you would want to make fun of for having herpes would be a “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA) fighter. Such is not the case.

It’s pretty refreshing to hear people actually talk about herpes… but what do you think about this conversation?

The interviewer, Dave Farra, sure seems to be having fun at the expense of MMA fighter, Gray Maynard. Gray Maynard rolls with the punches, but at times he tries to set things straight.

It’s also interesting because all the normal herpes misinformation, stereotyping, and stigma are present.

Read more to find all the misinformation, stereotyping, and social stigma what was addressed in the video.

Misinformation – Dave Farra says, “1 out of every 5 people have herpes.” That statistic is correct for genital herpes (HSV-2) Gray Maynard does not have HSV-2 on his lips. He has HSV-1. The CORRECT statistic for oral herpes (HSV-1) is around 80%. So that would mean that as many as 4 out 5 people have HSV-1 oral herpes. (Truth be told, it is quite likely that Dave Farra has oral herpes and just doesn’t know it. When I say quite likely I mean, “according to the statistics and according to probability theory.”)

Stereotyping – Dave Farra asks, “Where did you get it?” Gray Maynard replies, “Tijuana.” He is joking and he seems like a real humble and likable guy. His response though does address the stereotype that you must be participating in unsavory, tawdry behaviors to get herpes.

Stigma – Gray Maynard says, “I have it since I was a kid… so I know I didn’t contract it sexually.” The point of a stigma is that it’s irrational. Rationally, what’s the difference between catching something sexually or otherwise? I thought people liked sex… (Television programming sure seems to imply that they do.)

Interesting Herpes Facts – Gray Maynard says, “That’s usually how it goes in camp. Around the end of camp you get broke down. And you got cuts that aren’t healing; you got herpes… even up here (points to the forehead) at times. There’s all kind of stuff that floats around.” An interesting and honest account of the nature of herpes… and life!

Truth – I really am impressed with how Gray Maynard admits what so many others won’t about his oral herpes. He admits it is herpes. Gray says, “Other people it pops up other places… but for me it’s on the lips.” Thanks for being open and honest, Gray!

Stigma – Gray Maynard says, “Coldsore. PC it’s called a coldsore. Politically correct it is called a coldsore. It isn’t herpes.” If oral herpes could not be transferred to the genital area, I could see making the distinction. However, it can. This kind of “political correctness” is helping spread HSV-1 to the genital area and increases the stigma associated with HSV-2.

Is Good Natured Ribbing about Herpes Okay… and is it Good Natured?

Dave Farra says, “I got to say as your friend, I’m happy for you. This is your highest profile fight…”

It’s interesting that a friend would have so much fun at their friend’s expense in an interview that will be viewed by the world. I’m not saying it is right or wrong. That’s what guys do. However, I am curious as to how thrilled Gray Maynard was that his herpes breakout was such a focus of the interview.

I sure wish there were more people as open and honest about having herpes as Gray Maynard is. Herpes needs to be talked about openly and honestly in order to remove the stigma and bring real understanding.

Good Natured Ribbing among Middle School and High School Students

It’s one thing for adults to kid their friends about “sore subjects.” Adults can simply end the friendship and avoid all future contact.

However, this poking fun also goes on in middle school and high school. In school students don’t have a choice of whether they can leave the situation. There is such a thing as good natured ribbing, but I’m not sure anyone really enjoys being on the side being “ribbed.”

Lots of bullying and harassment is called “good natured ribbing” by the people doing the bullying and harassing.

I mention kids because adults are supposed to know better… but do they?

What do you think about this?