Is There a Generic Valtrex?

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YES. Ranbaxy’s received initial approval from the FDA for their generic Valtrex on January 31, 2007. A lawsuit from GlaxoSmithKline, the original maker of Valtrex, followed. The lawsuit was settled in July of 2007.

Part of the agreement was that Ranbaxy would begin to sell their generic Valtrex in 2009 under a 180 exclusivity agreement.

So, in November 2009 Ranbaxy launched their generic Valtrex sales and the timeline began for the 180 day exclusivity. I’m not sure exactly what the “exclusivity” part is all about, but the fact is the 180 days is up and they are still selling their generic Valtrex. (It’s my understanding that there were still issues with the FDA.)

Both CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy confirm they have “generic Valtrex” in stock. Check out the prices comparison of generic Valtrex, Valtrex, and Acyclovir.

Generic Valtrex is still Expensive

Competition is what drives down the price of generic drugs. Currently the FDA shows that there are four more companies with “tentative approval” to market generic Valtrex.

1. TEVA Pharmaceutical – Received tentative approval October, 4, 2007 – Israel
2. Sandoz – Received tentative approval July 30, 2007 – Germany
3. Mylan Pharma – Received tentative approval January 30, 2007 United States
4. Dr Reddys Labs LTD Received tentative approval June 26, 2009 – India
5. Watson Labs – Received tentative approval January 18, 2007 – United States
6. Matrix Labs – Received tentative approval December 26, 2007-  India

“Tentative approval” is obviously different than “Marketing Status – Prescription” which is Ranbaxy’s current status.

When more of these companies enter the market selling their generic Valtrex, the price is likely to come down. Generic Acyclovir is a fraction of the price… and there are at least 15 companies approved to market their generic Acyclovir.