Woman with HSV-2 Dated Man for 8 Years and Didn’t Tell Him – What Happened?

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Eight years… Did their relationship continue when she finally told him? No, it didn’t. The woman’s worst fears proved true… or did they? How can you date someone for eight years, not tell them, and have it work out? Is that possible? In short, did the herpes cause the rejection… or the concealment cause the rejection?

Is This Really News?

This is… … the news… This isn’t just… herpes news… this is at the heart of nearly all news….

Are You an Honest Person?

I am. You are… we all are… aren’t we? Republicans… democrats… pro-life, pro-choice, salesmen…

Have you ever heard the term “reframing” or “spinning?” Opposite sides of any issue “look at the information” and determine “what it means.”

• PERSON A – The facts are A, B, and C and those facts mean THIS
• PERSON B – You are correct, the facts are A, B, and C, but they don’t mean that… they mean the OPPOSITE of that. In fact, those facts prove you are wrong.

Needless to say, this can go on… all day long… and it does. Furthermore, the more a person invests in one side, the more they are convinced that what they believe is right.

Studies show that people will make a $2 bet and walk away. Then they think about it and realize they are RIGHT… which leads them to changing that bet to a $10 bet (while they still have the chance.)

Honesty or a Twisted Tale

Mo’Nique, the actress who was nominated for an academy award for her role in the movie Precious, stated that she is in an “open marriage.” She can have sex with anyone she wants… and her husband can as well. (She has REALLY hairy legs… not going to help her I.M.O.)

It’s twisted… but honest.

Consider these stories:

• Tiger Woods – You know the story
• Jesse James/Sandra Bullock – You know the story
• President Clinton – You know the story
• John F. Kennedy – You have likely heard the rumors… and you may not have wanted to believe them. I didn’t. (I hate to use a movie as a source… but “The Rat Pack” was a journey of great moral explorations… I.M.O. and the J.F.K. aspects made sense to me. I would say “player” but in that position it’s… arrogance… and disrespectful…)

Twisted… and… dishonest.

What Would Honesty Look Like?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
Upton Sinclair

When it comes to herpes, honesty falls largely on the people who know they have it. Most people live their lives as don’t ask… don’t know… don’t want to know… As such, the majority of people who have herpes… don’t know they have herpes… (Let alone the HSV-1 herpes people who largely won’t admit it is herpes…)