CNN Says Herpes Spread by More People Having Sex with Friends

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Shocking! The premise of the article is that casual sex increases the risk of getting herpes and other STDs.

Let’s do the Math

Let’s say 4 people have sex twice a day with each other. All is “no strings attached” sex, also known as friends with benefits. If everyone in the group has been tested for herpes, and no one has herpes, then there is a 0% chance of spreading herpes.

Now say that 2 people have sex with each other in a monogamous relationship.  If both have been tested for herpes and neither has herpes, then there is also a 0% chance of spreading herpes.

Same exact chance of spreading herpes for both groups… 0%.

BUT now let’s say that just one strays from the group and has sex with an “unknown person.” If the strayer (also known as the cheater) gets herpes or another STD, what will the happen?

In both groups because no one is supposed to “cheat” everyone is having unprotected sex. They feel they are “safe.” So in the group of 4, eventually 4 people will get the STD, and in the group of 2 eventually 2 people will get the STD.

If the groups break-up, one group will be sending 4 people out into the world with STDs and the other group will be sending 2 people out into the world with an STD. One group will be sending TWICE as many people out into the world with a STD.

HOWEVER, that’s not really the entire truth, because one group has TWICE as many people in it.

So make that second group TWO groups of 2 people in monogamous relationships. This will now be 4 people total. Now it takes 2 people to go outside the group and cheat for all four to be at risk of the STD.

However, if all 4 people in both groups are cheaters, once again, the probabilities are back to the EQUAL.

Really, we learned this kind of math in elementary school. If a child gets sick and stays home, only their family is at risk of getting sick. If the child goes to school, everyone they get close to at school is at risk of getting sick… and so on… and so on.

Kids Today and their “Friends with Benefits”

The CNN article talked about how they were concerned with “kids today” and their “friends with benefits” sex.

Has anyone forgotten “free love” in the 1960’s? “Friends with benefits” is nothing new, just a new name.

I guess what is supposed to be surprising here is that with more knowledge and information, that we don’t use our brains more. We don’t seem to think about the math or the science… when we are thinking about sex.

The “human species” is great at science and math! BUT other than that… we are not really that evolved. When it comes to human relationships and human contact… math and science flies right out the window.