Is There a Generic Valtrex?

Ranbaxy’s received initial approval from the FDA for their generic Valtrex on January 31, 2007. A lawsuit from GlaxoSmithKline, the original maker of Valtrex, followed. The lawsuit was settled in July of 2007. Part of the agreement was that Ranbaxy would begin to sell their generic Valtrex in 2009 under a 180 exclusivity agreement.

Making Fun of People with Oral Herpes, Even When they are a MMA Fighter VIDEO

You might think the last person you would want to make fun of for having herpes would be a “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA) fighter. Such is not the case. It’s pretty refreshing to hear people actually talk about herpes… but what do you think about this conversation? The interviewer, Dave Farra, sure seems to be having fun at the expense of MMA fighter, Gray Maynard.

CNN Says Herpes Spread by More People Having Sex with Friends

The premise of the article is that casual sex increases the risk of getting herpes and other STDs. Let’s do the math. Let’s say 4 people have sex twice a day with each other. All is “no strings attached” sex, also known as friends with benefits. If everyone in the group has been tested for herpes, and no one has herpes, then there is a 0% chance of spreading herpes.

What Teens Know About Herpes and Other STDs

A new report came out, and it seems to me that teenagers and adults have a lot in common when it comes to their ignorance about both herpes and STD’s. I think the reports showed that teens do exactly what people would expect from teens. (Especially, since most adults haven’t come anymore to grips with STD’s than teens have.) In short, teenagers are more worried about the social aspects of STD’s than they are the health aspects.

BioVex Begins Phase 1 of Clinical Trials for HSV-2 Vaccine – Media Sells Hope

On March 4th, 2010 BioVex issued a press release stating “BioVex initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial with its genital herpes vaccine, ImmunoVEXHSV2.” What exactly does this mean for you? First, I want to say that I believe in maintaining a proper mindset and a proper perspective when it comes to herpes. Much of what we read and hear in the media is designed to play on people’s emotions.

Incorrect Herpes Diagnosis Leads to Lawsuit and Destroyed Marriage

What does it take to destroy trust… and a marriage? How well do you every really know another person? I’ve seen relationships turn on a dime. Sometimes a breach of trust can be so damaging that you can never look at the person the same way again. Sometimes you learn that you had simply wanted to see a person in a particular way and that in fact the person had told you in many ways exactly who they really were.